Wildlife Care

For Emergency Wildlife Care please call (251) 221-5000 ext. 3. If needing assistance after hours, please call (251) 767-7253.


For a copy of our Wishlist and/or Wildlife Adoption Form please visit our "Forms" page listed above.


The ESC only cares for injured wildlife that is native to our area. We are unable to care for certain native animals because of regulations placed on the care of wild animals such as Rabies Vector Species. For more information on this topic, please see the link below.



Until an injured wild animal can be brought to the Environmental Studies Center please do the following:

          -when handling the animal use gloves or a towel.

          -place the animal in a box with shredded newspaper or a t-shirt.

          -keep the animal quiet and warm.

          -do not feed the animal.

The Environmental Studies Center does not have a pick up service for injured wildlife.  The animal must be brought to the Center in order for us to care for it.

Below you will find links to additional information about specific animals that you may encounter who have been injured or you believe to be orphaned.