Troy Latham

Resource Teacher

Troy Latham
Troy and Family
Troy with kayaks

 1999    BS, University of South Alabama

2004   M.Ed., University Of South Alabama

Troy started his teaching career at Mary G. Montgomery High  School in 2002.  He left MGM and taught at Vigor High School for  nine years.  He taught a variety of subjects including Honors  Biology I & II, Physical Science, Zoology, Marine Biology,  Aquaculture, and Archery.  He was also the girls varsity softball  coach and sponsor of the Coastal Club.  After spending only a few  months at Murphy High School he was hired as a Resource Teacher  at the Environmental Studies Center. 

Professional Organizations:

National Marine Educators Association

Environmental Educators Association of Alabama

Alabama Beekeepers Association


Troy is a devoted husband and father. He is an avid outdoorsman.  He greatly enjoys hunting and fishing during his breaks from  work. Troy is also a Master Beekeeper.

Troy and Wife
Troy with a fish