Educational Programs

Numerous staff-led programs are available to public, private, and parochial schools.


Teachers may choose from programs that are correlated to the Alabama Science Course of Study at each grade level. These programs are related to the natural sciences. Self-guided tours are included within the program cost.


In addition to the on-site program offerings, the ESC offers several outreach shows that can be brought to your school.


All programs require advanced reservations and may be subject to group size limitations. Please call 251-221-5000 to discuss availability and pricing.


Raptor Show Outreach Brochure

Pre-K Program - Wonderful Wildlife

1st Grade Program - As the World Turns

4th-5th Grade Program - Native Americans and Alabama's Plants, Animals, and Skies

6th Grade Program - Space

High School Program - SEAICE - Qualifying MCPSS Teachers Only

Kindergarten Program - A Lively Look at Living Things

2nd Grade Program - Pollinators

5th Grade Program - Watershed Activities Teaching Environmental Responsibility

7th Grade Program - Predator and Prey

Alabama Discovery Vessel Trip - Qualifying MCPSS Teachers Only

Wildlife Of Mobile Outreach Show

1st Grade Program - Reptiles Have Great Style

3rd - 4th Grade Program - Beaches, Bays, and Beaks

5th Grade Program - Space

Middle and High School Program - Wateshed Activities Teaching Environmental Responsibility