Rabies Vector Species

There are several mammals which we are unable to care for because of the possibility of disease transmission and regulations placed upon the care of wildlife. The majority of these animals are considered Rabies Vector Species, also know as RVS. These animals include bats, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes. If you encounter one of these animals that has been injured or orphaned, please be very careful even if it is a baby. If you want to call the local authorities for assistance, you may find the following numbers helpful.


Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: 251-626-5474

City of Mobile Animal Shelter: 251-208-2800

Mobile County Animal Control: 251-694-3227

Prichard Animal Shelter: 251-452-7843

Saraland Animal Shelter: 251-679-5570 

Baldwin County Animal Shelter: 251-972-6834