Tracy Delcambre

Resource Teacher


B.S. Elementary Education

 M.Ed. Elementary Education

 Certification in Educational   Leadership


 Tracy is a native Mobilian. She   is a graduate of the Mobile   County Public School System   and spent her college years at   the University of South   Alabama.

 Tracy taught for the first nine   years of her teaching career at   Kate Shepard Elementary. She   taught special education for   one year and fifth grade for   eight years. Following that she   taught fourth grade at St. Elmo   Elementary and worked in   administration for two years. She has been a resource teacher at the ESC since the fall of 2009.

  Tracy is married with one son.   She also has one furry  child named Missy Lu.


Tracy with a Great Horned Owl
Tracy and her Family
Tracy in a Space Suit
Tracy with a Blue Jay
Tracy and her dog, Missy
Tracy and her son